Trade Show Giveaways

They’re back! Trade shows, once on the brink of extinction are back and bigger than ever in 2022!

The world of trade shows was in the dumper in 2019 and in the years leading up to the pandemic. The “death of the trade show” was heralded by many. Fast forward to 2022. The trade show is back and poised to be bigger than ever. Why is that?

People Need Connection

Businesses Need New Customers

Businesses Need To Recapture Former Customers

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How to succeed at trade shows

Here are the 3 top things you need to do to be a trade show booth success!

Have a cool, trending promotional product that you give to everyone who walks by your booth. Preferably, something they will use and show off at the actual trade show! 

Have an inexpensive, branded, high visibility giveaway that you can leave at the bars and restaurants in the areas adjacent to the trade show venue.

“Fortune favors the brave.” Have your trade show booth staff completely loaded up with great swag and giveaways like Wholesale Pop Grip Sockets.

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Basic Pop Grips Pricing
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250-499 pieces $1.88
500-999 pieces $1.48
1000-2499 pieces $1.08
2500 plus pieces .88 cents
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Trade show and b2b marketing. Inexpensive wholesale bulk smartphone holders and media grips. Collapsible accordion phone socket grip.