GRIP pop phone socket stand frequently asked questions. 

get your promotional product logo on inexpensive phone socket grip stands
Get your business or promotional product logo on an inexpensive GRIP pop phone socket stand.

1: FREE SHIPPING. Yes that’s right, FREE. The price of each GRIP pop phone socket stand INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the lower 48 or Canada. We also ship to the EU, Alaska, Hawaii and the rest of the planet. Call us for live US based customer support to 1-888-880-2714 or email Sloan

2: Where does the GRIP pop phone socket ship from ?: All GRIP pop phone socket stands ship direct from our factory in China. The average order time from you approval to your delivery is 10 business days or 2 weeks. 

3: How Do You Place an Order?: You can place it online or send us a PO, as well you can call us at 1-888-888-9088 or email us at Sloan@tradeshow8.com

4: What Is the Order Process ?: Good question. Click for quote.

1. Send us your logo and tell us how many you want and which style of GRIP pop phone socket stand.

2. Give us 24 hours or less and we will send you back a FREE virtual design proof plus an invoice.

3. At this time, if you have or know you Pantone color please send it to us at this time. Don’t know your Pantone number. Click Here.

4. Next, we will send you a FREE factory proof, which is a digital photograph of your Grip all professionally logo’d shown alongside the Pantone color. This Guarantees your logo is perfect, every time.

5.Once you approve this we go to production and then sip it to you providing you a courier tracking number. From your approval to your hands the delivery of the order of GRIP pop phone socket stands takes as few as 7 days! 

5: Guarantee: We guarantee we will make your event date (if you have one) and we guarantee you will be 100% in love with your Grip. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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cheap pop phone socket grips for promotional products
cheap pop phone socket grips for promotional products